A Feeling of Belonging  E-Book

For those of you who have enjoyed my audios and would like to take it to the next level, I am happy to offer my complete guide on how to deliberately attract and manifest. The cost of my manuscript is $30, and upon the payment being received, you will receive the book via email in 2 downloadable files. You will receive the book as both ePub and Acrobat Reader files. This is so you can read the book on any device that will support Acrobat Reader and/or ePub reader whenever and wherever you choose. As of right now, I only offer this book in electronic form, which is why I will be sending you the book in two different formats.


Immediately below, I placed a few links that you can download for free if you are using a PC or Mac. These are a few of the many applications you can easily find and use to read this e-book. If you are using a mobile phone or a tablet, you can find and download these applications from an App-store for free.