Shortly after his epiphany, Nicholas learned that there is a magnetic power or energy we all possess that, if utilized to its full potential, can dictate the quality of our destiny. He realized there are universal laws in place that we all abide by, and upon understanding those laws, will yield the highest probability of living a quality lifestyle. However, before he could understand how to utilize these laws to his advantage, he first needed to understand the laws of the universe.

       In pursuit of finding the answers on how this universe ticks, Nicholas studied and became certified in hypnotherapy. He studied and researched neurolinguistics to add depth to his studies as they pertain to self-help. He furthered his studies of neurolinguistics in the area of affirmations to help restructure attitude so to be able to manifest fluently without being prohibited by self-made barriers.

       Within the last twenty-five years to date, Nicholas has researched, in great depth, the universal laws of attraction and manifestation. He has examined Quantum electrodynamics as it applies to creationism and the universal laws of incompletion. He has also studied, in-depth, the spiritual laws as they apply to personal magnetism and the gravitational influence it can have on a person’s reality. His destiny was revealed when he realized that his true challenge was not so much in understanding the fundamentals of his research but in his ability to explain his findings in layman's terms so anyone can understand and utilize the laws of the universe to enhance the quality of their lives.