Free Tutorial Audios

This page contains my introductory audio-editions. There are 22 audios, totaling 11.5 hours of content, which contain the basic foundation and overview of my system on how to deliberately attract and deliberately manifest. Within these audios, you have everything you need to grasp the concepts that I elaborate on, in my book. If you like what you hear and think this is for you then I encourage you to buy the book and take it to the next step. The audios will give you the basic structure and fundamentals along with enough information to explore this untapped territory. However, the book will give you a more solid and tangible plan to execute this system with finesse and with little-to-no downtime, so you will be able to begin your journey quickly and with ease.

Each link will open a new page where you can listen to the audio directly. Beneath the audio player, you will have an option to download the MP3 audio file onto your computer or player of choice so you can listen to them wherever and whenever you want.  

Audio #1 of 22 - Main Introduction
Audio #2 of 22 - Full-Breakdown Introduction
Audio #3 of 22 - Compartment 4 And The Collapse In Action
Audio #4 of 22 - Beware Of Your Thoughts
Audio #5 of 22 - You Must Meet Your Desires Halfway
Audio #6 of 22 - Factors That Will Work Against You

Audio #7 of 22 - What Do You Want?

Audio #8 of 22 - Like Attracts Like

Audio #9 of 22 - Using Affirmations

Audio #10 of 22 - Work On Yourself First

Audio #11 of 22 - Creating Your Alter-Ego
Audio #12 of 22 - Out In The Field
Audio #13 of 22 - Contracts
Audio #14 of 22 - Allowing The Collapse
Audio #15 of 22 - Your Co-Creators
Audio #16 of 22 - The Dreaded Money Topic
Audio #17 of 22 - Soul And Intimate Relationships
Audio #18 of 22 - Karma
Audio #19 of 22 - Truth

Audio #20 of 22 - Avoiding The Manifestation Of A Nightmare

Audio #21 of 22 - Doing Good Deeds Without Being Burnt

Audio #22 of 22 - In Conclusion