This forum is for everyone to share their thoughts, feelings, ideas, experiences, theories, and support pertaining to the laws of attraction and the laws of manifestation. At the moment I have a couple of posts to get started. When the traffic and participation increases, I will periodically add new topics of interest to be discussed in the forum. If you have an idea for a specific subject-topic then please let me know and I will consider it for a future focal-topic to be discussed. Also, please excuse any hiccups that you may experience as I am still tweaking the forums page, and learning as I go. Let me know of any issues you are dealing with, and I will fix them as soon as possible. This includes, but is not limited to, any comments that are in violation of the code of conduct stated below. 



Although the individuals who are attracted to this genre of information are of a higher vibrational mindset,  I still need to let it be known the basic code of conduct for this forum.

All posts will be periodically monitored by myself. Therefore, any posts that are disrespectful and/or tasteless will be removed. Posted subjects that don't pertain to the main topic of this website may or may not be removed at my discretion. These subjects include but are not limited to:

* Politics.
* Discussing illegal activities.
* Explicit, vulgar, pornographic or violent content.  
* Threats, harassment or defamatory content.
* Religious posts.
* Any posts that include spam, advertisements or marketing. 
* Any posts that target other posts with a nasty intent (i.e. trolling).


If I have overlooked a questionable post then please bring it to my attention.
That being said, please enjoy the forum. 
On a side note, I recommend you listen to the audios and/or read my book before you participate in this forum. This is so we are all up to speed and on the same level as each other. This will make our feedback more valuable because we will all be using the same language and terms allowing us to advance at a faster pace through each other's experiences and feedback.