3 Tips To Consider Before You Deliberately Attract Your Next Love


I often hear comments of dissatisfaction concerning the longevity of romantic relationships. These are comments that come from people who blow through many short-lived relationships. Relationships that were the result of pre-decided intentions before the two met. Point being, a long-lasting relationship can only be the experience of two people who both decided on longevity before they met. If their relationship-intentions do not shoot for the stars, then they will meet someone who identically has intentions that do not shoot for the stars. The duration of the relationship is entirely determined before two people meet because that belief is already seeded in the intentions that draw the two together.

What they need to understand is that the lifeline of their contract has already been established before they met the other person. The contract already had an expiration date before they locked eyes with a person of interest and said “hello.” This lifeline is a result of a default-attraction because neither person full-heartedly decided on the lifeline of their next relationship before they met. This can be a result of not deciding on, or not believing it will happen (which can be reversed if they BOTH decide on longevity during the relationship). Therefore, their former beliefs dictated the lifeline of the relationship. Don't forget that birds of a feather flock together which is why these indecisive individuals attracted each other. Deciding on the longevity of the experiences you wish to have should always be a part of your intentions.

This is a truth that doesn't limit itself to romantic relationships. This also applies to every and any relationship you will ever have with another co-creator, including the ones you don't want to be a part of. To enter any relationship without previously set intentions puts you at a disadvantage where you will be used for the power you haven't claimed as your own, or will end up spinning your wheels and wasting your time with unwanted experiences. Therefore, as far as romance goes, try to move your fantasy or focus away from the beginning “honeymoon phase” and shift your focus a few years into the “settled down” part of the relationship. If thoughts of being settled with another doesn’t enamor you, yet you feel bitter about your short-lived relationships, then there is some self-searching you need to do in order to find the hidden beliefs that are compromising your harmony.


When attracting co-creators into your life for mutual experiences, avoid obsessing over the details about the person you want to attract, to share your life with. Instead, stay focused on the experiences you wish to have with another co-creator. You can obsess all you want about the experiences. By prioritizing the details over the experience you wish to have, you are micromanaging. For example, if you want to experience being with someone who's lips and face you want to kiss all day, then it goes without saying that this person will have a face you think is gorgeous that you will like to look at and kiss. You can't logically concoct an image of a person who will take your breath away because if you could, your breath wouldn’t be taken away. You can, however, decide on the experience then trust it's out there for you to discover. If you can experience it in your mind before you attract it, then there would be no point in attracting it. One of the ingredients that make an experience is an element of the unknown. Therefore, it is enough to know what you want to experience so the universe can surprise you with it.

It is very common to see exercises in the name of attracting a partner where you are told to concentrate mainly on the type of person you wish to draw in. Remember that to do this is to micromanage. The only things you should be focused on, concerning who the person is going to be, are the dealmakers and the deal-breakers. What this means is, there are certain aspects that a person must possess and must not possess for you to have an interest. Being meticulously aware of your dealmakers and deal-breakers should only take place when you are in pursuit, and ready to meet people. Dealmakers and deal-breakers are the ideas you should write down as a list, right before you put your intentions to motion. Anything else, as far as your focus is concerned, should be in tune with the experience you desire to have with that person.

Once the experience has been decided on, you should stay in-tune with the experience you seek, while expressing the traits of yours that you would like to be balanced by the compatibility of another. Allow others in, while interjecting your role accordingly. Seek out the dealmakers and keep moving through prospects until you have attracted a potential partner. Once again, leave the rest for the universe to take care of.


You should never pursue a new relationship if you are not satisfied with your place in life, or if you are bored. This goes for any relationship you can have with another person. Pursuing a bond with another to fill a void that only you can fill yourself completely defeats the purpose of being in a romantic relationship. The main reason being is, you will end up dragging your partner down. If that person has an ounce of self-esteem as you drag that person down, then that person will end up walking away and leaving you. They will leave you feeling even worse about your place in life than when you started. You will be left feeling worse than you did before you participated in a failing relationship. Scenarios like this are very much like Truth trying to get through to you because you didn't center yourself and weren’t content with your life before you shared it with someone else. However, easier said than done. Sometimes, you need to proceed without solid intentions so to experience a few disappointments in order to make you realize what it is you truly want.

That said, if you know you will be happier with a new experience under different circumstances, then change those circumstances or conditions first. Otherwise, the lack you feel within will be added to the totality of the experience you have with the people you attract in your life. This, in turn, will make the adage, “birds of a feather flock together,” become a truism that narrates your predestined turmoil.