A Simple Awareness-Tweak To Bring More Joy To ALL Your Manifestations (Both Deliberate And Default).

It is said that what you see in others is what you see in yourself. The admiration you have for others comes from an untapped potential within you calling for your attention. This is an unused potential that wants to grow and be amongst your commonly expressed traits and characteristics. On the other hand, that which you dislike in others is that which you dislike about yourself. This is a part of you brought to your awareness which needs work and needs to be replaced with your stronger traits. We all ultimately wish to be content with ourselves. In that contentment would lay the foundation for an indestructible confidence.//

Confidence is beautiful. When you have faith in yourself, you are more magnetic and attractive. You may even seem taller than you are to all that whiteness your presence when you are confident. Confidence is a firm belief in your abilities because they have passed many tests and have been proven.

People who have a genuine inner gratitude for themselves will tend to have a sincere appreciation for other people. If you give attention to what is ugly about you, then you will notice what is ugly in others. If you know what makes you remarkable, then you will recognize what makes others remarkable. The same holds true if you turn the tables. You can find what is attractive about yourself by noticing what you find attractive in others. It takes a little practice, but the rewards are handsome. The way to do this is to allow yourself to be open and see in others what you find attractive and appealing.

When seeking the strong traits in yourself, through others, the state of mind you must have throughout the day is, “Does this person have any traits or characteristics which if I had, would improve the quality of my life?” I cannot say this enough; if you can see the admirable traits in others, it's because you already have them. They are tucked deep within you, and by doing exercises like this, you're allowing them to call for your attention.

For every person you see, I suggest you take a mental note that there is something about them that is admirable and let it be. If there is something that sticks out that you admire then make a mental note of it or jot it down on paper. There is no need to stare at people as if they are aliens from another planet. You only need to know that if a well-chiseled characteristic or trait is in your presence, you will recognize it. Giving your subconscious this assignment of awareness is enough to help you notice results. By believing there is something admirable in every person you come across, you will allow the rest to take care of itself.

Your confidence is your strength. Confidence and strength go hand-in-hand because they are very much alike. After you set forth to find admirable traits, and as you realize that everyone has an admirable quality in them that you will appreciate, ask yourself this for each person, “What makes this person strong?” Strength is how others cope with traumatizing experiences and rise above. Strength is composure in messy situations. Strength is found in a person who shows pride, not only in their home but also in their community. A strong person lifts others up. Any fool can take cheap shots at others in attempts to knock them down to their pathetic level. Nowadays we call those people trolls. Anyone can be a troll, but it takes an individual of strength and genuine inner power to lift others up.

Self-confidence is usually tied in with self-esteem, but the two are slightly different. Having self-esteem is being appreciative and respectful of yourself regardless of personal mishaps because that's how you were made. Self-esteem makes a person more attractive than someone who is just self-confident because we as humans tend to treat people the way they treat themselves. However, self-confidence will strengthen self-esteem and vice-versa because they are intertwined. As you overcome obstacles in life and build your self-confidence, your self-esteem will grow as a result. As you realize your potential, you will be more likely to accept the greater challenges in life which will further strengthen your confidence and empower your self-esteem.

Next after self-confidence and self-esteem is value and what makes others valuable. Again we all have talents and gifts. However, some of us use our talents and gifts to the point of making a real difference in the world. This is a valuable person. Notice this in others if nothing more than for inspiration so you can follow in their footsteps. Valuable people help shape the world for the better, and they do it one person at a time. It is enough to start realizing that you also have many valuable strengths, to get you on the right path.

For the sake of clarity, concerning my choice of words, displayed-characteristics are surfaced-evidence of traits, and the surfacing of your strong attractive traits is the goal. Your traits are what you inherit. Your traits are your nature and who you truly are at your core-being. This doesn't mean we all express our traits; this means they are there. As we learn new attitudes and take on new beliefs that contradict our true inner traits, we express our traits differently. These learned contradicting beliefs and attitudes warp the pure expression of ourselves because our traits are restricted. Therefore, the trick is not in the obtaining of your traits; the trick is to unlearn all the nonsense that has been apprehending the true genuine expression of your pre-installed traits. As you become more aware of your true natural traits, you will be made aware of the garbage-attitudes and garbage-beliefs that need to be unlearned. This is garbage that will surface from your subconscious like garbage surfaces and floats on a dirty river. The surfacing of this garbage is a call for you to clean it up. You will know when this garbage surfaces and requires your attention. That said, self-improvement is not about acquiring traits that are outside of yourself, but instead is about cleaning the sludge that is hindering the traits within yourself.

Keep in mind there are people out there who have inherited their abilities. Maybe they were raised to be like that or perhaps it's in their genes. Perhaps it was learned in another lifetime. You could never be completely sure which is why you should NEVER compare yourself to the person or tie the trait(s) with the person. You are only to single out the traits and characteristics you genuinely admire then stay focused on them so you can grow into those features. This is because if you saw it and noticed it, then it‘s already within you.

Once you have found characteristics and traits you admire, you need only stay aware of them throughout the day. Doing this alone is enough to make them surface. The psychological term for this would be somewhere in the “identity through association” category.

The challenge, in the beginning, is in disciplining yourself to stay focused on the characteristics and traits you admire. Although the concept is a simple one, staying focused takes a strong will in the beginning until habits are formed. As you stay focused on the qualities you admire, you are allowing your subconscious to slowly clean the sludge off your traits and polish them back to their original shine. Most of the time, your subconscious will resolve issues on its own. It's your job to stay focused on the qualities you admire so it can continue to remove the sludge. Your subconscious may periodically need your assistance in clearing some of the mess. When this happens, there will be no doubt in your mind that your assistance is being called upon and what kind of help is needed to resolve the issues that surfaced.

This will be a lifelong practice. Doing this will help you become the person who can belong to your truest desires. If you do not grow into the person who can belong to your desires, you will never experience them. This is a very crucial step in mastering deliberate manifestation. You must belong to the experience if you want to live it.