Why use affirmations?

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Why affirmations?

Why should affirmations be added to the overall plan when attempting to manifest a new reality for yourself, especially when affirmations aren't needed to attract and manifest deliberately?

The answer is very simple.

Affirmations turn potential attractions into promising manifestations.

They make the transition a smooth one.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for an attraction to come in the form of a glimpse before it’s yanked away. Meaning it’s easy to lose what you attract before it can contribute to the experience you desire.

The birth of a new manifested experience relies heavily on how you interject with the elements you attract. The quality or effectiveness of your interjection relies heavily on how in-tune you are with your intentions. Your focus and attunement rely heavily on your state of mind, which in turn, relies heavily on your belief structure.

Affirmations will help modify your beliefs which, in turn, will help you build a powerful gravity-rich foundation that will draw your best interests towards you. Applying affirmations will not only ensure speed but will also provide accuracy and preservation because you will believe your desires to belong to you. This will help you become the person that your desired lifestyle belongs to you. This state of mind ((belonging to the experiences you seek)) will be the glue that instantaneously bonds you to the required elements that your previous intentions drew towards you. Your attuned state of mind will keep you on track from your first focus, all the way to your desired experience.

That said, although affirmations are not necessary for you to be successful in deliberately manifesting, I strongly encourage you to learn how to create and apply affirmations. Doing so will help you belong to the lifestyle you desire, which will constitute a smoother transition than if you were to continue without affirmations.

So what are affirmations?

Simply put, affirmations are suggestions. These suggestions are repeated every day until they form an impression in your regular thought processes. That impression will be like having a personal coach in your head pushing you towards your chosen outcome. This will be a coach who won't let you accept less than what you set out to achieve.

When undergoing any process of self-change you have to accept the possibility of change for yourself and be ready to make the changes necessary for the lifestyle-change you seek. By utilizing affirmations you will accept the possibility of change quickly, and help make the process of change feel smooth and natural.

Affirmations will cause you to feel as if you are deliberately improving on your own and didn't need the affirmations, to begin with. That said, affirmations are only suggestions and are not the full primary force behind the change process.

Affirmations will not do all the work but they will break down mental barriers and motivate you to begin the change process much sooner than if you decide to undergo change without the use of affirmations.

When applying affirmations you'll start noticing that your current lifestyle feels as if it lacks something and you feel that you can do better. You will find that you are driven to move towards something better. It will feel natural as if it had been your idea all along.

Affirmations help you look at your current situation with either slight or great dissatisfaction, then help you accept the possibility of making changes. Once you start moving towards change and away from the discomfort, you will receive significant insights that will help you move towards your desired outcome efficiently. This is because you are looking for new and different solutions.

Affirmations help accelerate the natural process of growth yet remain as safe as the natural process. This is because your mind will eventually accept the suggestions to be thoughts and ideas of its own, and integrate them with all your other thoughts.

How long will it take to see results?

It is often said that it takes twenty-one days for the mind to create or break a habit. In my experiences, it takes much longer than that. Realistically, after twenty-one days your mind will begin to “accept” the idea of making changes. Once your subconscious mind has accepted the idea of making changes, it will be a lot easier to make those changes henceforth.

Also, making changes becomes exciting when you begin to see the benefits of your new habits which will help motivate you to remain loyal to your cause. Eventually, you will notice the habits become more a part of you as you become a part of those habits. It takes time for all of these steps to take place, which is why you should expect to see changes after six months, so you must be patient with yourself.

Keep in mind that this process can require up to twelve months to notice significant results if used alone, without making any other efforts towards self-improvements. Therefore, you don't want to stop utilizing affirmations until the achievement of your desires is inevitable at the point you are at.

Is there a downside to affirmations?

When you begin a system of suggestions, your mind is resistant towards new ideas. A new suggestion is always met with opposition. Eventually, your mind realizes that accepting a suggestion isn't a real threat after it realizes you are still OK and all is well. After this realization, the subconscious accepts the suggestions and changes start to take place.

The goal is to put positive attitudes in your mind to change for the better but the pre-wired inherent part of the mind doesn't know that. The primitive part of your brain feels threatened because you are moving into unknown territory. It figures that you have gone this far with sufficient food, water, shelter, and clothing. It doesn't know if where you're going will provide the same.

That being said, expect to be exhausted for the first two weeks of exposure. It will feel as if your mind is fighting a brainwash because to some degree, you ARE brainwashing yourself.

In my next blog, I will give you some rules to always consider when applying affirmations. If you prefer, you can listen to audio #9 in my audio-series link. From there you can listen directly or download my audio and listen at your convenience.