One Of The Ways You Are Already Manifesting Your Future

I will take you through a real-time scenario then dissect it so you can see for yourself how you are already attracting and manifesting deliberately. Keep in mind that as long as you are aware, you are paving the way for your future. Therefore, the trick isn't in knowing how to move towards the right direction, but instead is knowing how to steer because you are already in motion.

(Here is the scenario.)

There was a point where you had an item you haven't used in years, and before you threw it away, you wondered if you would ever need it again. You looked at it and pondered all the possible uses you might have for it. You then wondered how you might need it in the future, if you ever did need it again. You realized you need to get rid of stuff, and you proceeded to throw the item away. You quickly forgot about it and moved on with your life.

A few weeks or months go by, and you are in a situation where you need something. You thought about that item you threw away and realized it would have been the perfect solution for whatever you needed that item for. It was the perfect, final puzzle-piece to complete the puzzle you were faced with. It could have been something simple like an old book you threw away that was the ideal width to fix a wobbly chair. This is a great example of the collapse of a thought in action. A thought that collapsed and attracted the right elements to become an experience of being without that item.

(Here is a rundown of what you did to manifest this typical outcome.)

What happened is you intently thought of something and focused on possibly needing it. There was some internalizing involved when you wondered if you are going to kick yourself in the but for throwing it away, “which is a contemplation of an experience.” You then threw it away and completely forgot about it. The universe made that need possible without any of your interference because you projected your awareness of possibly needing it, then totally forgot about it, which allowed for a clean, uninterrupted aether-energy-collapse to happen. The manifestation part is the experience, and that experience is kicking yourself in the but for throwing away that item because you could have used it. The attraction part was all the elements involved that provided the experience of needing what was discarded so you will be disappointed in yourself for throwing the item away (which is the “experience” you focused on).

Essentially, throwing that item away changed your relationship to it, yet the potential energy of your thoughts still remained. After you threw it away, you immediately shifted your mindset to something different and moved on. By doing this, you released the potential energy of a thought without counteracting it with an opposing thought or belief. The complete and permanent dismissal of the thought allowed for it to completely collapse without any interruptions. This allowed your gravity to construct a scenario easily, and also without any interruptions because there were no following counter-thoughts. Also, your state of mind was very common during the entire ordeal, making a magnetic-click with the possibilities (that your released thought-gravity created) inevitable because you are almost always in the state of mind you were in when you threw that item away. In other words, you remained in the same resonating algorithms as you did when you had those thoughts which allowed you to be a conductive medium for the gravity and magnetism that those thoughts morphed into.

(Here is a rundown of what you did NOT do when you threw that item away, yet might be doing when you are focusing to draw in a new experience.)

There was NO micromanaging through expectations of exactly how you are going to need that item again. You didn't meticulously create a specific scenario, in thought, of exactly how or why you will need that item in the future. Of course, if you did, you wouldn't have thrown the item away.

You DIDN’T upgrade your social-status in the focus. You didn't visualize an audience of people applauding you as you raised your fist in the air and assured the crowd that you are officially without that item.

There were NO upgrades to your personal beliefs about yourself. There were no issues with comparing yourself. You weren't bombarded with doubt because you aren't like everyone else.

You DIDN’T attempt to see it through by having a beginning, a middle and an end to a well-orchestrated plot. You didn’t visualize yourself playing a role in a short story, with many other characters, that ends with you feeling miserable because you are without the item you carelessly threw away.

There was NO alteration of your role in your thoughts. You weren't suddenly a gorgeous person riding a horse on an empty beach when suddenly the saddle breaks and that item would have been the perfect widget to fix it.

There was NO special setup place and time where you had this focus. You didn't wake up super early, before everyone else, so you could pull out the yoga mat and focus on possibly needing the item while in the pigeon-pose position with soft new-age music in the background.

There was NO imagining what the environment would be like when you are without that item. You weren't thinking about the warmth of the sun caressing your skin while getting lost in the visuals of the palm trees swaying in the salty air, leaving you with a sense of peace in your knowing that as long as you can’t find that item, you will be stuck on that paradise-island forever.

You DIDN’T imagine yourself being somewhere else. You didn't force yourself to imagine that you are throwing the item away in a sparkly, bejeweled garbage-pail within the royal chambers of a magical palace, far far away. You were in the moment, here and now, standing over your plastic garbage-pail.

You DIDN’T imagine, in detail, what it would look like, feel like, or sound like when you thought about possibly being without that item in order to be in the experience of being without.

There was NO change in your emotions before, during or after you tossed that item.

You didn't have to force yourself to feel excited or motivated. You also didn't force yourself to experience the misery you might feel upon realizing you need that item.

You DIDN’T have to hold onto the thought all day, every day, until you are finally in a challenging situation because you are without that item you tossed. You had the thought, and then you simply let it go.

Last but not least, you had NO walls put up, or specific expectations, causing you to second-guess everything around you because you weren't sure if you were amongst the opportunity of finally being in a situation where you will need that item you threw away.

You did none of that. You contemplated for 15 seconds and tossed the item while remaining….....simply you. ;-)

(In Conclusion)

The only feeling you should have when focusing to attract a better experience is a very light, uplifted feeling because you are attempting to make changes for the better. This is the polar opposite of the feeling of doubt you most likely had after you threw that item away because you may have been rash. However, the actual focusing itself should make you feel no different afterward than when you started. That lack of emotional fluctuation is vital in helping you forget and move on without sabotaging the thought, which will allow an uninterrupted gravity-collapse to initiate.

That said, when focusing, avoid micromanaging how you will experience it. Only contemplate the possibilities of how things “could” be if you were engaged in an experience, then leave the rest for the universe. When you threw that item away, you were merely observing the possibilities and that's it. You gave attention to the matter with observational thoughts of a possible, generalized experience you may encounter, then you released those thoughts. It should be no different when you are focusing to attract and manifest deliberately.