The 3 Different Platforms From Where You Can Start Deliberately Manifesting

There are three types of manifestation starting-points that I have discovered in my research. You will most likely do all three at different points in your life depending on your situation and deliberate intention. It's best you understand the dynamics of each category because your lifestyle will determine the best starting position for you.

These three are the deliberate-aggressive manifestation, the deliberate-passive-aggressive manifestation, and the deliberate-passive manifestation. On the downside, you also have the default-aggressive manifestation, the default-passive-aggressive manifestation, and the default-passive manifestation. Default-focusing produces outcomes for reasons unbeknownst to the default-manifesters. This is because their conclusions are the results of beliefs they have seeded deep in their subconscious mind.

((The deliberate-aggressive manifester))

This is a person who goes out and gets it. This person will seek and find. This is the primary formula for what is known as playing a numbers game. The principle of this formula is to go out and get exposure while expecting to find. As exposure is attained, the aggressive-manifesters will assume that everyone they interact with is a promising prospect. It’s a “go get it” mentality. There is no hocus-pocus here. It doesn't matter if these types believe in manifestation as even a blind squirrel will trip over an acorn every once in a while. The aggressive-manifester either interjects with others or stirs up action to create an opportunity to interject.

The first move of a deliberate-aggressive manifestation is similar to that of the first shot in a game of pool. The purpose of the first shot is to break the balls and get the game started. Once you break the balls and they are spread out on the pool table, you wouldn't keep shooting the q-ball into whatever section has the densest collection of balls. Instead, you would target the open and available balls closest to the pockets. Deliberate-aggressive manifestation, therefore, is a great tool to get the balls rolling but is only good for that.

Banging the balls, or banging through life is not the best route when applying the laws of manifestation. Most of the time, implementing these rules require a gentle touch with careful timing and finesse. As the successful aggressive-manifesters enter new segments, they will target a ball and sink it, or give the dense grouping of balls a bang to create new opportunities. There is a time to use your will, a time to let the flow go for a bit, and a time to interject yourself or allow yourself to be interjected. Being aggressive is the part where you get your foot in the door. Once you get your foot in the door, the aggression resides to a passiveness almost instantly. You need to stay in tune with your premonitions so you will know when to switch from being aggressive to going along with the flow of things.

((The default-aggressive manifester))

Finesse and skill are what separate a default-aggressor and a deliberate-aggressor.

default-aggressors bang their way through life, always striving to achieve the next level, usually to obtain a higher social status. This mindset usually develops into an obsession until everything, and everyone is pushed aside to win the endless, illusionary race. The default-aggressor unknowingly pushes many incredible experience-opportunities aside in an attempt to obtain incredible experiences, while living like a hamster in a wheel. This is because the default-aggressors tend to be idealists in the outcomes they seek and from the individuals they seek it from.

A default-aggressor’s life resembles someone dragging a beautiful piece of furniture on the rigid ground in attempts to move it to a better location. From an onlooker, these people may seem to have their act together and a worthy place in this world, but eventually the default-aggressors will look at their life with dissatisfaction. Eventually, the default-aggressors realize that all the abuse done to the furniture to relocate it to a better place was done in vain. The furniture (symbolizing a tightly held union with co-creators) becomes dismantled and destroyed by the time the default-aggressors realize that there was no finish line to begin with.

((The deliberate-passive-aggressive manifester))

This individual moves to a specific location, or set of locations, either physically or virtually, which is the medium used to be intercepted by opportunity. An example would be the girl who gets a job as a waitress in a high-end restaurant where all the movie directors like to have their power lunch, in the hopes that she will be discovered and become a movie star. Another example would be a person who sets up a blog page so like-minded people will interact with him. The deliberate-passive-aggressive manifester will decide on the medium of choice, which will be a person or people and/or a specific place. This person will stay centered within that medium and will remain true to their intentions. If that person is with others who change the itinerary, then that is an acceptable intercept, and from there will remain faithful to his or her intentions while staying passive until an opportunity arises. The deliberate-passive-aggressive manifester will also obtain results through co-creators. Whatever the goal may be, there are certain people that vibe well with us who help us achieve results faster and more effortlessly than if we were to do it alone.

((The default-passive-aggressive manifester))

This individual will go out to certain places or meet with others in the hopes of expanding their experiences or options. They will usually return satisfied or disappointed. Nothing special or new, and we have all done it many times.

I'm going to briefly step away from the main topic to explain an important concept that involves the main topic. Pattern-interrupt or interception is vital in manifestation, which means motion is critical in manifestation. In almost all successful deliberate-manifestations there is a point where you are intercepted. Something unexpected usually comes up that generally won't surprise or shock you. It can be a small nuisance or a friendly invitation. Once you change your path, certain events are allowed to unfold, leading you to the onset of your desired manifestation.

Your motion is imperative when seeking a pattern interrupt with deliberate expectations and intentions. Motion is imperative for an opportunity to arise, and opportunities will arise when you are intentional while in motion. Therefore, when deliberately being passive-aggressive in your attempts to intercept with an opportunity, your motion with intentions alone plays a significant role in your success.

((The deliberate-passive manifester))

These people see all the love, joy, and happiness in their life, and from an outsider seems lucky or blessed. These people show appreciation and love for what they contribute. They draw enjoyable experiences to them as they continue on the path of doing what they love. Essentially, they are living and fulfilling their purpose. Loving what they do and loving where they are at is a motion that creates a positive vibration which creates a positive gravity in their favor. Once that gravity is achieved, their movement is directly proportional to the requirements needed to accomplish what they love to do, and it will be accomplished because they enjoy the work. With these accomplishments come more growth and more power, giving them more gravity and satisfaction making their life a self-perpetuating upward spiral. It seems simple because it is simple. The reason it is so complicated for most of us to grasp, is we tend to over-complicate ourselves and need to start simplifying ourselves. You will never resonate with the simple truths of life until you can see them eye-to-eye as a simplified individual.

((The default-passive manifester))

The default-passive manifesters are usually robbed of, or neglect their full potential. They just bounce through life having their ups and downs while unknowingly gambling on the smoothness of the path to their destiny. These people have good days and bad days, and that's about it.