To Get It, You Must Belong To It. It Must Be A Part Of Your Nature.

Most of the dreams and fantasies you have revolve around you being the person who belongs to them. Most of the excitement is in you being the person who experiences these fantasies in a specific way as a particular individual. In your fantasies, when you daydream, you usually play a part or role in the fantasy. In your part or character's role, you are a specific type of person who looks, dresses and acts in a particular way. Essentially, the best part of the fantasy is where you are the individual who the fantasy belongs to. To reiterate what I’m suggesting, if you fantasize about winning an Emmy award for best actor, you will receive that award as the great actor you would have to be. You wouldn't walk up to the podium seeing yourself as an accountant for a small firm.

A strong influencer that will make or break your attraction-success is your personal beliefs about yourself. Your beliefs dictate your final results because your beliefs become your truth. If you don't believe you can belong to the lifestyle or experience you desire, then you need to find that person within you (the part of you) who could belong to it because the beliefs you have of yourself can be a game-changer. Therefore, your self-beliefs are very important when attempting to deliberately manifest and should always be a top priority. Otherwise, if you think you should make self-improvements and don't, then your results will be tainted by the limiting beliefs you have of yourself. These are learned beliefs that need to be removed.

Unfortunately, we can't just change our beliefs overnight or remove harmful, learned beliefs. However, we can make the correct changes to ourselves that will allow new circumstances in, which will create a more solid confidence. The culmination of your new confidence and new experiences will birth new and beneficial beliefs. This, in turn, will place you at a higher starting point during your next attempt to deliberately manifest. Therefore, sometimes attempting to obtain the ultimate prize isn't an option. That said, stay aware of the beliefs you have about yourself when deliberately manifesting. As long as you diligently work towards having beneficial beliefs, you will eventually get closer to the ultimate goal-point.

Let's say you fantasize about being someone who turns heads at the beach with your perfect summer-body only to have self-doubt and confusion ruin it. You may suddenly experience past issues that make you feel negative emotions. Perhaps you become scared of the thought of too much attention as that brought on many bad experiences in your past. Maybe you need to strengthen your interpersonal skills because the extra weight is protection against being singled out. Only you will know because your subconscious will let you know. An inner struggle is taking place because most of the fantasy is what you have to offer it. Therefore, to bring that fantasy to fruition, you first need to feel comfortable with having a perfect body, let alone, have one. After that, you have to get the right swimsuits; then you have to find the active beaches. Once this is all done, you can go out and experience your fantasy. We are in the relative and because of this, we need to meet our miracles halfway. Your subconscious knows this and is bringing you doubt because you need to address a few things before you can run off to a beach and show off.

Therefore, a good indicator that an area needs to be worked on is if you find yourself tormented by negative inner-voices that point in a specific area's direction while thinking of your desires. These seemingly counterproductive thoughts are the hurdles you need to overcome before pursuing more desirable experiences. If the state of being you are currently in doesn't match the state of being you wish to be in, during the experience you seek, then you should make modifications. Find where the resistance is and write it down, then work on it. Let your intuition be your guide.

To sum it up, if there is something you think you need to do for yourself that would have a direct influence on the outcome of the experience you desire, then start with that. Try finding the modification(s) that, if achieved, will make the birth of the experience you seek the inevitable next step. Doing this will help simplify your goals which will help you find a comfortable starting point. That being said, what are the improvements you would like to make? Do you want to quit smoking or lose weight? Do you wish to improve your social skills? Usually, the necessary changes would be the ones that boost your confidence which is essential if you want to be a part of a better experience. You want to belong to it and let it belong to you before you attempt to draw it in. It must feel natural.