You Are Always In The game. You Are Always Being Sized Up.

Your beliefs are powerful because your beliefs have the final say in how everything will turn out. As you modify your beliefs, you modify all outcomes as you move forward. This is such basic common knowledge when learning the laws of attraction and manifestation that it almost need not be said. It only needs to be a small, consistent reminder throughout your studies and journeys. Unfortunately, we tend to fall short in taking our beliefs seriously as they continue to pave the way to our future. Therefore, because your beliefs need to be taken very seriously, I decided to share some data that will help motivate you to work with self-sabotaging beliefs. Data that will motivate you to re-prioritize and “bump” the working on your beliefs to the front of the line.

Here goes…...

Let me ask you a question. Do you think your beliefs are private? Do you think they are hidden safely inside a metaphorical box? Do you think you can safely explore your beliefs in the comfort and privacy of your own home so as not to expose your true beliefs to the outside world? If you answered yes to any of these then, my apologies, you are mistakenly wrong.

Whether you know it or not, every one of us projects muscular microcosms from our body language that are expressions of what we are thinking and feeling. They are also expressions of our traits and are noticeable in handwriting to the trained eye. Although these microcosms are not visible or noticeable to the conscious mind, they are very prominent in the subconscious perception of others. That said, you don’t have to be a gifted empath to get a bad vibe from anyone because these microcosms stand out loudly to the subconscious awareness within all of us. There are many clues that display who we genuinely are, within everything we do, no matter how minuscule our actions may be.

We all have an empathic nature hardwired within us. Even those who are born with a social disorder have empathy. The few among us who do not have empathy are classified as sociopaths. Personally, I don't believe such people exist organically. I believe these people learned (after being traumatized) to tune out their connection with others, but I'm no expert on the matter. This empathic nature is the reason why everyone cringed when the news played footage of a football player lying on the ground with one of his broken bones sticking out of his torn uniform. This hard-wired empathic nature is why we feel other’s happiness and pain. Of course, sometimes our dark side makes us feel better when certain people feel pain, and sometimes we feel pain when other people are happy. Nonetheless, it's still that empathic nature that causes us to respond. It's the very reason why we yawn when we see other people yawn. As humans, we always try to relate so we can understand. If I wanted to make someone yawn, I would start talking about a person yawning. I could start by explaining the process of yawning as it would be witnessed by another person from beginning to end, in second-to-second detail. I could also describe what it feels like to yawn, in detail, from beginning to end. This is a simple example of linguistically guiding someone to attain a specific response. This would be an application of neurolinguistics. However, for the sake of this post, I'm more interested in the act of yawning when we witness someone yawning. This is what is called “animal magnetism,” which is the empathic responses we have to other’s body language.

Animal magnetism is a result of our mirror neurons (also called cubelli neurons) firing up when we observe another person doing anything. As the neurons observe the behavior of another person, they mirror that person's behavior and communicate with other neurons as though the observer is doing what the person being observed is doing. The neurons will begin to mimic the person being observed. Remember this next time you try to get a cat to swallow a pill, or take a bath. Remember this when you try to take your dog to the vet. Animals are more in tune with their mirror-neurons and align themselves with your fearful anticipation. They start to feel your fear, and the only way to stop the fear is to get away from you. They try to get away from you the way you try to get away from people who give you the creeps. This is because you start to mirror their microcosmic movements that are foreign to you and out of place. You don't like the feeling and want to get away from that person as fast as possible. This is why the presence of some people seems to uplift and heal you, while the presence of others makes you feel ill.

Every thought and belief you have is expressed in loud, obvious expressions through the microcosmic movements of your body language. These micro-expressions are felt by others then mimicked by their subconscious minds to “feel” where you are at. An opinion is then made about you according to the microcosmic movements you radiate, that other people are mimicking. In other words, your vibes are being mimicked by everyone who sees you on a daily basis. Everyone who witnesses you is instantly feeling your essence. Therefore, if you notice you consistently get undesired reactions from others when you seem to be doing everything according to the norm, then look to your personal beliefs. Also, take notice of your beliefs about yourself and others. As your beliefs are modified, your body language changes, and ultimately the reactions you get from others modify. It's a small suggestion yet a very challenging endeavor. This is the essence of animal magnetism.

If this has you worried or bothered in the least bit then you need to put some time aside and work on your beliefs about yourself, others, and life in general. As you modify your beliefs for the better, the world around you will modify for the better. Do what it takes to make your beliefs positive because no matter what side of the belief-spectrum you reside, your beliefs have a strong bearing on the quality of your destiny both neurologically and spiritually.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~