Your First Choice MUST Always Be To Choose Your POWER!

If you ever find yourself lost in life or confused, and you need to regroup, then remember the three paths and the order in which they should be achieved. The path of power (your purpose), the path of love, and the path of truth. Choosing to pursue the path of love or the path of truth will turn into a nightmare if you don't pursue the path of power first.

Imagine owning an advanced toy robot, but not having the batteries it requires to function. Although you don't have batteries for the toy, you can still fall in love with its beauty and uniqueness. You can also speculate on all the functions you think it can perform. However, it's not until you put batteries in the robot that you will know exactly what it can do and enjoy interacting with it. If you can’t obtain batteries for this robot, then the love you have for it will wither away and your speculations will turn into frustrations, as you will never know what the robot can do. Afterward, you will most likely find yourself going towards the next thrill because the robot only stands on the shelf. The truth of the matter goes from your owning an awesome toy, to owning a dust-collecting shelf-decoration. If I were to replace “toy robot” with “your life,” the parameters would be similar. Without power, you would coexist with limited potential, and your truth will remain unknown. Your co-creators would appreciate you as they see fit and label you as they deem appropriate because you don't express anything. Only until you have personal power will you be able to express in your unique way, and behold evidence of your truth. Until you realize and reveal your own power, you will merely exist in this world.

If you pursue the path of love above power, then all your relationships with your co-creators will never satisfy you as you move through life feeling empty. You will never appreciate others until you can appreciate your contributions and purpose in life. You will never feel you deserve the love and appreciation of others because you won’t understand why you are loved and appreciated. You won't understand why you are loved until you love who you are and how you express who you are. You won’t love who you are until you are genuinely proud of the inner power within you and proud of how you contribute your power to the world. You will appreciate your contributions when they derive from the foundation of your core personal power. This is the core power within you that will be found when you follow your passions. Until you can find your core power and contribute as the person you were meant to be, you will never feel good enough. You will sabotage all of your relationships and situations because no one and nothing will ever be good enough. This is because, instead of finding and expressing the power within yourself, you seek to fill a void from outside yourself. This is a void that cannot be filled by someone else. Only your personal power can fill it. The expression of your true inner power is the part of the puzzle that determines the quality of the overall experiences you take part in.

If you pursue the path of truth over power then you will also end up frustrated if you look outside yourself for the answers. This is because, as you seek the answers to your questions, you will find endless new questions for every speculation and theory you concoct. Each one of these questions has many answers leading to more questions with many answers towards infinity. Each of life’s questions and problems contain a plethora of solutions. One of those solutions within the infinite sea of answers involves the contribution of your personal power, which is your unique thumb-print solution. There is one solution from the many, for each problem, that belongs to you because it is meant for you. That said, unless you find your personal power, every answer you find that doesn’t involve your unique expression will leave you feeling empty. All truths are half-truths, so it is best to find and only focus on the side of every truth that is yours. Everyone else's truth is already occupied by everyone else.

That said, you must realize your power which can only be claimed at this very moment you are currently in. If time is the curse of humankind, then being in the moment will shield you from this curse because that's where your power is. Wherever your attention may be is where your energy and power will go. Your intentions can only exist right now because time doesn't exist. Every time you have an intention, a plan, or a purpose, you are here, right now, at the moment. Stay in your intentions, and you will always stay in the moment.

Motion without intention happens when you lose the moment and are mentally somewhere else, while moving now. The problem with this is you always manifest unless you are asleep. This means that considerable harm can happen to you if you aren't deliberate. Motion gives power, and you are losing power if you are in motion without any present intention to guide you. Therefore, it is always the wiser choice not to give your power and energy until you have intentions for a direction. For you to decide on a path requires your intentions. It takes intentions to deliberately manifest with satisfaction. Intention and motion need always be kept together like a salt and pepper shaker.

When I look around, I see that power is being carelessly dispersed and being readily received with no effort whatsoever from somewhere or someone. This is being done without your knowledge and little compensation because you are distracted. If I were an evil entity and wanted to farm the human race, I would keep things as they are. I would continuously distract you to persuade your minds to live somewhere else as your bodies move in the present so that I can steal the fruits of your hard labor. I would do this to stop you from figuring out that your purpose is to fill your basket with the fruit you cultivated. If you move through life distracted, then by the time you understand your purpose, it's way too late to act on it. The fruits are gone, and you are too tired to keep going, as you are disposed of. The “farmers” would then convince the younger generation to follow in your footsteps. That said, you need to stop being a zombie. Use your power, or it will be taken from you!

The more you know your own truth, the more you will be able to recognize the truth because you will have a very stable reference point within yourself. It is only until you have obtained a robust personal power, and have empowered others with it, that you will be surrounded by love and a truth that is sweet. If your personal power and/or the expression of your power is lacking, then your truth will be unfulfilling, and love will be a dream. Whatever path you choose to take that is absent of your personal power will be a decision to short-sell yourself and live a mediocre life.